Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hondo still a Cain man

Hondo’s prayers were answered last night when the Angels preyed on King Felix to reduce the accounts payable to 1,675 lumpes.

Today, Mr. Aitch will give the ball to his ace — 10 units on Cain to gut the Fish. Also, he’ll put another 10 on Old Man Moyer to get smacked around by the Reds.


House ’Crats will hold a fundraiser this week to honor the 25th anniversary of Barney Frank coming out of the closet. If that’s worthy of a donation, wait till they find out it’s also the 23-year anniversary of when a gay brothel was being run of Barney’s basement — the cash will be pouring in . . . Obama, aka Puff The Magic President, reportedly made a reference in a Colorado campaign speech about Jesse Owens’ success in the 1938 Olympics. So big deal, he made a mistake (it was the ’36 Olympics) -- Democrats in all 57 states couldn’t care less.

Barney Frank, accounts payable

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