Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hondo: Phil fills the bill

Semi-sizzling Hondo posted another gain in light betting last night as his bullishness on the Tigers was rewarded with a victory that slashed the deficit to 1,270 crosettis.

Today, wrapping things up early with a Stadium matinee, Mr. Aitch will hop on Hughes & Co. to humble Hanson – 10 units.


John Kerry reportedly will play the role of Mitt Romney in Obama’s mock debates. That seems like a terrible case of miscasting – Kerry’s mopey horse face is way too long and morose for the role . . . Roger Clemens owes absent-minded Andy Pettitte a huge debt of gratitude for forgetting at trial what Clemens said he misremembered in the first place . . . Memo to Angry Alec Baldwin (from photographers everywhere): FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MAN, MEDICATE NOW!!!

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Semi-sizzling Hondo, Mitt Romney, Hughes & Co., Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Angry Alec Baldwin, the Tigers

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