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Astrological Real Question And Answers For Applied Astrology And Practice - Natarajan S (rs)

astrological real question and answers for applied astrology and practice - natarajan s (rs)
astrological real question and answers for applied astrology and practice - natarajan s (rs)

Analysed with charts from user questions It is true life questions from people
answered analysisng their horsocopes. Experience how the Vedic Astrology
analyses charts .

Astrological Answers to people's questions based on their charts - 70 Vedic Charts given and analysed for real life problems - Answers ranked highly by Astrological Professionals as well as people who raised the questions. General reading- readers will acquire substantial knowledge in Astrology, from the bird’s eye-view rather than from the basics, in interpreting charts in the professional way. • Reference guide in Applied Vedic Astrology for Astrology Students and Researchers • Cross reference guide as worked out examples for Professionals and scholars.

So far we used to read Astrologers analysisng celebrity charts only, which has no relevance to commoners. This book gives you large view of the problems of the people and how to analyse that from their charts.
It is not "How to Book"-
Most of the How to Books teach the elementary things.
But this is most practical professional worked out analysis
of about 70 charts, and nothing else.

If you want to read theory, then this not the book, you perhaps need to spend 5 to 10 years to study the basics . Instead by reading the question answers you will have knowledge that the most professional astrologers will envy.

It is not "Your Sun or Moon Sign" Book:

Most of the Sun Sign and Moon Sign Books are general in nature. At the end of reading 500 page book you will be exhausted, still nothing learnt for sure to apply in your real life. then where is the time to read moon sign/sunsign books of other signs, to capitalise on your elementary knowledge gained?
This book is not related your moon or sun sign but you can understand how Astrologers analyse charts, and that interest will make you start on analysing others charts- that is why the author calls it applied call it applied. astrology and practice.

It is useful reference guide
for Astrologers as well as
people who want to understand Vedic Astrology from practical aspect

It is a defence book :
What about some self-proclaimed Vedic Astrologer bluffing you towards his personal agenda?
Read this book and grasp the words used and you are a martial law expert in defending the astrological assault, because you know more words and meanings than him.

This is a friendship book:
How many people in their daily usage talk about moon signs, sun signs and relate their luck with that? What if you can relate their problems now from Vedic angle and point them to proper people? Will they be thankful to you, for you are caring about them and guiding them properly?

This is an interesting book:
From stupid individual life-questions to most intelligent general questions are answered.

Users viewsn on Authors Answers:

Thank you sir, for your astrology advice. It was uplifting and explained a lot of what is happening in my life. I look forward to consulting you in the future. God Bless
-- Shelly

Dear RSji, This is in regards to our query about horoscope, by Kay and San. Thank you so much for your response and we felt it was very accurate

thanks a lot sir.. its very useful.
-- Gayathri

Thankyou very much sir, for your valuable advise for me, I am in verymuch stress situation, becasue I had faced three miscarraige in three years time.
--- Rajini

thank you for your valuable time and for the advice
-- satish

Thank you for sparing your valuable time for answering my query. May the Almighty bless you always

Dear Sir I am indeed happy to understand that my sons chart is an excellent one .I sincerely thank you for your blessed words
The Author is ranked 1st in 24 categories in Ammas with his pen-name R.S. . Author of
different genere titles - English Poetry, Current Affairs, Indian Philosophy. Former Editor of online Newspaper TheNewzealander. Has over 30 years of experience in Astrology. Now in Australia.


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