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Astrology Sex And You - Aric Milton And Argus Milton

astrology sex and you - aric milton and argus milton
astrology sex and you - aric milton and argus milton

n this book we’re going to cover the topic of Sexual Astrology and its application

within your everyday life. In the past Astrology has dealt mostly with characterizing

a person, based on their sun and moon signs or other astrological factors.

However, modern astrology has become so advanced, that it now has the means

to target specific issues within an individual’s life. The issue’s of sex and intimacy

is a strong one. Is there anybody out there who wouldn’t like the sexual “411” of

that special someone – The ability to learn how to better satisfy and be satisfied

based on a birth date and year? Such is a powerful tool! This information is

more than entertaining, but also in-depth and accurate in its application of

astrology. This volume promises to give you all that and more.

* Is a Cancer woman more prone to experience and try new things sexually than a Pieces woman?

* What turns on a Capricorn male as opposed to a Taurus?

* What turns a Cancer woman off?

* What turns a Scorpio male on…etc…etc.

All these questions and much more will be answered throughout this book.

What You Should Know

NOTE PADS: At the end of each section you will find a note pad. Use these

pages to make note of any ideas that may arise as you read.

**About Charts and Illustrations**

Hot Spots: At the end of each section is a human diagram that shows the hot

spots of each sign. These points demonstrate the most sensitive and erotic

nerve endings. You can’t go wrong here; simply follow the path to pleasure:


Sex Chart: Here you have the male and female of each sign placed within a point

scale, that shows their level of sexuality in a particular area (example: kinkiness). If

one scores a 0, it is safe to say that they have no desire points in that area. A (1)

shows them to have little to none in the interest department. A (2) is a sign of

potential, indicating them to be a little more aggressive in that particular area. A (3)

indicates a more extreme aggression, liking, or capability in the specified area.

Please note that if you have a (3) in Dominant (behavior) and a (3) in Submissive

(behavior) this would indicate a Balance of preference. The individual would be

inclined, more so, to go either way. Sometimes it will take some persuasion on your

part, while other times it may come natural to them. The sex chart includes all of the

following areas:

Dominant: Leaning towards the aggressive, controlling, sometimes marked by a fetish of domination, play-whips and chains included.

Submissive: Leaning towards the passive, obedient, sometimes marked by a desire to be controlled.

Open Minded: Willing to explore, considerate of your sexual state.

Changeable: Shows the potential for a change in sexual taste and patterns.

Kinky: Marked by an unusual to personal taste in a certain sexual fetish or fetishes.

Hot Natured: Marked by ones sexual heat, passion and aggression.

Inhibited: One who has self-placed limitations on their sexual ability and desires. This can be self-motivated or influenced from the outside.

Uninhibited: Of course this would be quite the opposite of the above. The higher the score the more comfortable they are with their sexual natures.

Possessive: Marked by jealousy and dependency, clinging in nature.

Promiscuity: Marked by ones discretion in the type of sex partners or numbers. This is the defining point of fidelity and infidelity.




"Once I discovered the art of astrology there was no turning back! I am a realist so I had to first convince myself that astrology was not simply entertainment. I found out that it was entertainment and some. I then began to become an unofficial champion of astrology. I began to study the more in-depth aspects of astrology, and shortly thereafter moved on to working with birth and natal charts. I debated the doubters with statistics and elements they


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