Saturday, September 24, 2011

And The Beat Don't Stop - Jabreel Morgan

and the beat don't stop - jabreel morgan
and the beat don't stop - jabreel morgan

And the Beat Don’t Stop offers a searing portrait of life in the city, of hope, and of forward movement and redemption in verse—powerful poetry that will touch your very soul. Author Jabreel Morgan inspires us to do whatever great or positive things we want to do. There is inherent beauty in language, and each poem in this collection has its own beat and vibration. From the raw emotion of “Love, Your Son Chris” to the inspiring achievements remembered in “We Still Wear the Crown,” Morgan’s words have power; they are words that can inspire transformations of the soul and the spirit.

Morgan feels that his words are God-given. The spoken word has a deep tradition of knowledge passed down from generation to generation—history remembered in songs, stories, and poetry. This collection inspires readers to fulfill their dreams and desires and to learn to appreciate life and the people who surround us, including those spirits who have passed on and upon whose shoulders we now stand.


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