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By My Side (war Journal) - Brian Clark

by my side (war journal) - brian clark
by my side (war journal) - brian clark

Immerse yourself in the everyday life of an American Soldier with this journal, written in the heart of Baghdad, and discover the range of emotions that soldiers face while deployed. This journal was written not only to keep track of events, but also for reflecting and soul searching. It was a means for the author to sort through his purpose in life and to give him clear direction. It is a tale of excitement, danger, love, friendship, joy, sadness, hate and grief. It is a tale of turmoil within a country and within an everyday soldier.

Here is an excerpt from SGT Clark’s journal:

(11Apr04- 1857 Hours Easter Sunday) Dusk is closing in. The Sun is slowly slipping below the horizon behind me. Shadows lengthen and total darkness will surround me before long. I stare down a road that doesn’t seem to end, watching for approaching vehicles. Six stolen Humvees are somewhere in our AO (Area of Operations). Drivers of the stolen Humvees have also acquired battle rattle (Kevlar helmets, body armor, and uniforms). I do not know how they have acquired the Humvees or the attire to pose as soldiers. My concern is not of that issue, it is of the fact that they are out there somewhere.

At any moment they could come driving down the road that I am looking at this very moment. Daylight offers some comfort, but soon it will be gone. When the sun goes down, the only light will be that of the moon and the stars. We will be using light discipline when the sun goes down. For the last three nights this uncertainty has been facing me. When the darkness comes, dark thoughts follow. I approach vehicles not knowing if it will be the last few minutes of my life.

About the Author:

Brian Clark grew up in Council Bluffs, IA. His first son, Brandon, was born in 2001. He graduated with a teaching degree from the University of Iowa in 2002. He joined the Army Reserves in 2003 and deployed to Iraq in 2004. He resides in Coralville, IA where he has been a volunteer Firefighter and substitute teacher. He switched to the National Guard in 2007 to be in Infantry and attended OCS. In 2008 he married Kelly Grasso, which also gave him a stepdaughter named Baylee. In June 2009, Kelly and Brian had their son Aiden. He commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in August of 2009 and completed Infantry Officer school at Ft. Benning in February 2010. He is deploying to Afghanistan and will begin a Physician's Assistant program when he returns from deployment.


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