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Columbus The Discoverer - Frederick A. Ober

columbus the discoverer - frederick a. ober
columbus the discoverer - frederick a. ober

Originally published in 1906, this classic volume recounts the life and expeditions of the discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus.


I. Sailor and Corsair, 1475
II. The Man with a World in His Gift, 1475–1488
III. From Palace to Monastery, 1488–1491
IV. How Columbus Became an Admiral, 1491
V. The “Gap in the Globe,” 1492
VI. Where Is San Salvador?, 1492
VII. Cuba and the Mythical Cipango, 1492
VIII. Where the Flag-Ship Was Wrecked, 1492
IX. The Return Voyage to Spain, 1493
X. A Triumphal Journey, 1493
XI. Second Voyage and First Settlement, 1493
XII. Expeditions in Search of Gold, 1494
XIII. Jamaica Discovered, 1494
XIV. Subjugation of the Indians, 1495–1496
XV. The Rule of Don Bartholomew, 1496–1498
XVI. The Third Voyage of Discovery, 1498
XVII. Columbus and His Brothers in Irons, 1500
XVIII. The Last and Most Disastrous Voyage, 1502–1504
XIX. Shipwreck and Rescue, Coast of Jamaica, 1503–1504
XX. The End of a Great Career, 1504–1506

Sample passage:
As morning dawned, on Friday, October 12, 1492, the cry, “Tierra oho!” (land in sight) was fully verified. There it lay, a fair stretch of glistening sands, with verdurous background, and white-fanged coral reefs dividing the intervening sea. Any land is welcome and attractive to a seafarer after long voyaging, and the picture presented to the eyes of those Spanish sailors that morning, though not strikingly beautiful, was most pleasing. It is doubtful, however, if Columbus cared whether the landscape were pleasing or otherwise, so absorbed was he in speculation as to what the land contained. Was he to behold fair temples and great palaces, populous cities and teeming marts of commerce? Would he, straightway, present his credentials to the Grand Khan, and be received at court with all the honors due him as the discoverer of a new route from Europe to the Indies?

Note: The original physical edition of this book contains several illustrations; they are not included in this Kindle edition.

About the Author:
Frederick Albion Ober (1849-1913), an American writer and naturalist, was the author of more than 40 books, including “A Popular History of Mexico,” “Amerigo Vespucci,” and “Ferdinand Magellan.”


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