Sunday, September 25, 2011

Firebrands - Doug Millison And Michael Moon

firebrands - doug millison and michael moon
firebrands - doug millison and michael moon

"If you want to get venture capital, you'd better read this book. Companies will either brand or die. It's up to you." - Guy Kawasaki, CEO,, Palo Alto, CA. "Sooner or later every brand will have to deal with the Internet. [This] book is a roadmap for exploiting the unique brand-building opportunities of the Net." - Al Ries, Ries & Ries Focusing Consultants, Roswell, GA. "For each age there is a place to be and a voice of authority. During the Renaissance, it was Florence and Michaelangelo. During the Elizabethan Age, it was London and Shakespeare. In the always-on, real-time world of Web-marketing, it is Michael Moon. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you can't grok to what Michael is saying, you aren't part of the new wave." - Thornton May, Corporate Futurist, Cambridge Technology Partner. "Michael has captured the essence of branding in the Internet age. His research is impeccable. This is a must read for anyone in marketing." - Andy Brownell, Director of Marketing, Compaq Computer Corporation. "Once again, Michael Moon takes highly complex and divergent issues and crafts a compelling argument for the way things should be." - Stephen Turner, CEO, Turner & Associates, San Francisco, CA.


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