Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Like The Jetsons - Warren Lapine

just like the jetsons - warren lapine
just like the jetsons - warren lapine

Warren Lapine started writing as soon as he learned his letters. He decided to become a professional writer at age fourteen. Along the way he played in a number of heavy metal bands and became a publisher. He is best known for his work with DNA Publications, where he has published magazines such as Absolute Magnitude, Science Fiction Chronicle, Fantastic Stories, Dreams of Decadence, Weird Tales, and the official magazine of the rock band KISS. He is currently still working as a publisher and trying desperately to find more time to write.

Collected here for the first time are seventeen stories from World Fantasy and Hugo Award nominee Warren Lapine. These stories are diverse and imaginative, compelling and exciting, as they take you down paths you might never have found on your own. Here you'll meet astronauts, famous dead rock stars, cyborgs, vampires, mercenaries, dragons, knights, artists, clones, aliens, and much, much more. Lapine ranges effortlessly from hard SF to dark fantasy and back again. And since each story has an afterword where Lapine explains how it came to be and what it means in the context of his varied career, you can get a glimpse into the creative process that produced these works.


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