Saturday, September 24, 2011

Knight Time - Laurie Eddy

knight time - laurie eddy
knight time - laurie eddy

When a futuristic chalice transports videogame programmer Marian Tyler back to 1100 AD it turns her life into a living knightmare. Dashing Sir Thomas Percivale is on his way to his execution for a crime he didn’t commit when a ‘witch’ drops out of the sky and saves his life. Together they must outwit the Bishop of Durham and stay alive long enough to reclaim Sir Thomas’ birthright. When given the chance to return to her own time, will Marian go back to hot showers, Diet Coke and Reality TV, or stay with her knight in slightly tarnished armor?

This historically-accurate fantasy romp is fast-paced and fun as the hero and heroine race through the Borderlands between medieval Northern England and Scotland in an attempt to escape the Bishop's men and their growing attraction to each other.


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