Monday, September 26, 2011

Oogie Boogie Bounce (oogie Boogie Central) - M. Stephen Lukac

oogie boogie bounce (oogie boogie central) - m. stephen lukac
oogie boogie bounce (oogie boogie central) - m. stephen lukac

In Oogie Boogie Central, department store detective Milo Tucker discovered he is a Gatherer: a being capable of housing the memories and abilities of the dead. Milo and his six passengers faced the horror of serial killer Theodore Munsch after he gained the talents of a Hunter, a creature of similar-but lesser-power. A year later finds Milo still adjusting to his new status, and things aren't going well. His wife fears he's lost his mind and his best friend thinks he's having an affair. Meanwhile, West Virginia's mystic community knows there's a new player on the field, and are anxious to capitalize on Milo's condition. After all, who doesn't want to live forever? And in the Appalachian woods, a rogue mage known as SalomŠ¹ and his terrifying companion, The Baptist, have taken command of a Mountain State militia; the first step in their plans for domination and control. There's only one thing they need to complete their arsenal: A psychic entity to feed The Baptist's power. Something like a Gatherer with room for one more passenger.


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