Monday, September 26, 2011

Pudding Town - Jean V. Hanson

pudding town - jean v. hanson
pudding town - jean v. hanson

The inhabitants of Pudding Town lead a peaceful existence in their town of love, caring, and respect. But when a boat of strangers from the Island of Pie arrives on their shores, the Puddings are faced with the challenge of reconciling two cultures that seem fundamentally opposed. At first, things seem to go well, with the hospitable Puddings doing everything they can to make the Pies comfortable. But as selfishness, anger, and even hate start threatening the peace of Pudding Town, the citizens are faced with a life-changing choice. All seems lost in dissention, but one pair of Puddings and Pies just might be able to unite the community for good. Join author Jean V. Hanson for this story of learning, tolerance, and love, and discover the incredible lesson found inside Pudding Town.


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