Saturday, September 24, 2011

Summer Camp: A Memoir - Diane Hanks

summer camp: a memoir - diane hanks
summer camp: a memoir - diane hanks

Some people never grow up. Others grow up gradually, barely noticing when they stop needing to talk to Mom every day or when they no longer need to borrow money from Dad. And then there are those of us who remember exactly when we stopped being children. We remember because it’s never a choice.

Summer Camp: A Memoir is about a girl who has no choice because her parents are alcoholics, and her mother is mentally ill. It’s the story of a girl who needs to get through grade school while bringing her younger siblings through the fallout of their parents’ war, divorce, and forced reconciliation. As she comes of age, she also must navigate the typical challenges of high school, which become more difficult after her mother walks naked through the streets of their small town following an incident at the neighborhood church involving holy water and a hamster. No one ever said mental illness doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Addicts lie. It comes with the territory. And while all lies have the potential for damage, sometimes the truths that go untold are just as bad. So above all else, this is the story of a girl trying to survive her parents’ lies and secrets; who, as an adult, must free herself from both.


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