Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boundless - Kurt Lee Hurley

boundless - kurt lee hurley
boundless - kurt lee hurley

“What you have here is a user’s manual for a better life, providing an arsenal of tools and toys for building, enriching and enhancing one’s quality of life.”

—Douglas Schwartz
Creator, writer and director of Baywatch; chairman of Stereovision Entertainment

Based on more than three decades of collected research and applied practice, Boundless is your roadmap for achieving success in all aspects of life from attaining prosperity to improving your body. America’s #1 personal trainer and personal achievement expert Kurt Lee Hurley explains in language that anyone can understand…the mind-body-success connection that’s at the core of this breakthrough program for realizing limitless love, happiness, wealth and lifestyle! What Hurley has aptly titled Wellth-Building. At last, here is a comprehensive guide to enhancing your physique and financial condition that also addresses your emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Kurt openly shares powerful insights that will help you:

• Dramatically reduce daily stress and boost your mind’s clarity and productivity

• Banish the mental blocks that are holding you back from your goals

• Discover wealth-building opportunities anyone can harness while avoiding the money mistakes most Americans make

• Develop a customized nutrition and exercise plan that gives you the power to look, feel and BE your best

• Add life to your years and years to your life through the latest cutting-edge research on super-foods

• Much, much more!

Boundless is a guidebook for us all, an entirely new perspective on how to transcend personal limitations and live the life that you deserve—a rich, rewarding life that matters!

“Kurt Lee Hurley is one of the best fitness, motivational and self help experts in the world. His training program has improved both my game and my life! If you want to look better, feel better and be better, Kurt is the go-to-guy. If you really, truly want results...Get this book!”

-Travis Hansen, Former Atlanta Hawks And Current Russian Super League, Dynamo Moscow - Guard/Forward


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