Sunday, September 25, 2011

Once Upon Stilettos - Shanna Swendson

once upon stilettos - shanna swendson
once upon stilettos - shanna swendson

The winning follow-up to Enchanted, Inc. (2005) finds Katie Chandler, a young woman immune to magic, working at the epicenter of New York City's magic community as Merlin's personal assistant. When Owen Palmer, the sexy wizard Katie's been secretly swooning over, reports that a spy has been in his office, Merlin puts Katie on the case to discover the identity of the traitor. It's no small task, and Katie is distracted by the arrival of her parents, who have flown up from Texas to see how their daughter is faring in the big city. Katie is upset to learn that her mother is also immune to magic, and can see all the strange goings-on in the Big Apple. To make matters worse, Katie is shocked to find that she's losing her own magical immunity, which she fears will jeopardize her position and hamper her ability to identify the spy. Swendson's smart, snappy novel will delight fans that loved the first installment, and win over new readers, too. Kristine Huntley
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