Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jonah's Kids - Miss Lillian

jonah's kids - miss lillian
jonah's kids - miss lillian

Lisa is a curious child. Her parents have always referred to her as their 'why child', and how she has a most pressing question to ask. Why did God let bad things happen to nice animals in the story of Noah? When she decides to ask her teacher, Miss Susie, a whole new set of problems arises. Because Susie has a question of her own: How can she make a difference in these children's lives under the superintendant's oppressive regime? Susie and Lisa get the perfect opportunity to have their questions answered and make a difference in the lives of those around them when the class is invited to a Halloween party. The church hosting the party is in the 'ghetto', and Dottie, who fancies herself the 'woman in charge', is determined to give them what she considers a suitable outing, despite their love of the host church's leader, a man fondly referred to as Jonah because of the whale-like bus he uses as transport. But when the children become stranded and Dottie's heels are breaking down, Jonah shows up and everyone takes a ride in the whale. Ride along with Susie, Lisa, and Dottie as they all learn lessons about Noah's story and what a privilege it is to be one of Jonah's Kids.


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